Kom is ...

KaeilOS Openembedded Manager (KOM for short) is a tool designed to create and manage any OpenEmbedded based project, like KaeilOS, Angstrom, and others.

All KOM projects are a full-fledged overlay where you can also build your personal image or software packages. At the same time you can override other overlay in a simple way.

Download KOM

Last stable Kom release is

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Quick Start

New KOM project

How create new project/overlay

Initialize a new project with KOM is very easy.

mkdir foobar
cd foobar
kom -i

Once created, to view a summary of project configuration:

kom -c

Add new overlay

Configure KOM to find a new overlay and use it in your project

The first time you install a overlay foobar in your system:

( install foobar overlay where you want )
kom -o foobar /path/to/foobar

Configure your project to use foobar overlay:

cd /path/to/yourproject
kom -a foobar

Discover why use Kom...

Make the building without worries Make the building without worries! All part of initialization and profiling is automatically generated. Move project easy Moving and sharing a project and / or overlays used is very easy.
Extend one or more overlay Extend one or more overlay is done with a few simple commands from the console. Create recipe and immediate build A project is an overlay for all purposes. This means that you can create their own recipes and make an immediate build.
Save time to save money Save time to save money. Develope with OpenEmbedded and BitBake is now easier! Gpl v2 license Kom is Free Software! All source code is release under GPL v2.